Read All About Eyelash Extension

 Eyelash extensions or in other words falsies are treated as essential accessories of a girl in today’s fashion industry. This fever of wearing falsies is so high that not only models but non-models are also going crazy about them. The standards of beauty nowadays are what makes them get the most natural looking lash extension supplies possible.

We can categorize them into two types. One completely natural and the other the synthetic one. These extensions are in all shapes and sizes possibly they could be and colours as well. The girls are also not backing down. Girls who fond of makeup them multiple packets of this extension. You can understand how widely it is being used by the fact that girls are buying for daily not for only occasional use.

 With natural and synthetic there are further types within them one can select from. There are eyelashes which are made in a single long material which are applied with the help of glue on the closet layer of a real eyelash. These, of course, are removable but it is easy to differentiate that if the eyelashes are real or fake. These are so easy to handle that a non-professional makeup artist can also do it. Then are the extensions in small little pieces. These type of lashes are also stuck with the help of liquid glue. You stick it on the closet layer of eyelash piece by piece. Then there single separate strands of eyelashes that are stick every single strand of eyelash with the original one, mix with the original eyelashes giving the completely natural look.

There are different liquids and pillowcases to keep take care of your eyelashes. With very different and bold styles of eyelashes, a girl can change her whole look. With only mascara, the overall look of the face is completely different one can imagine how different a face would look with extensions on. Today’s makeup is kind of incomplete without eyelashes. These are the requirement of the bold or soft looks in today’s modern style of makeup.

Girls and makeup artists are experimenting with this pre made fans eyelash extensions as much as possible  Creating the wildest look they can imagine today’s makeup artist is not just doing makeup but they are converting it into a piece of art with maximum creativity. Competing with each other in this race now this all has turned into a battle of the makeup. Almost every day you can see an artist putting forward a look he created before the world to see and admire. There is a reason why makeup artists are called artists.