Factors To Know Before Buying Pallet Racking

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Whenever you are planning the warehouse, the first thing will be the building where the warehouse will be built. Then the second and can be said the most important thing is the racking in the warehouse because the racking will make the warehouse, workable. When you will be deciding the racking for the warehouse, there are many things to know in advance so that you can be making the right choice of racking. Racking is usually a one-time procurement, once installed, it is not easy to change the type of racking. Also buying and installing racking is one of the major expenses when you are setting up the warehouse, nobody wants that their money gone wasted. The following factors can help you to make the right decision about the racking.

Type of Racking:

The most common type of racking is pallet racking. The pallet racking is seeming to be most effective and practical for most of the warehouses. But in case if you are not using the pallets in the warehouse for items that are not standardized to store on the pallet, then there can be customized racking to be used. But already in pallet racking, there are many types;

  • Standard Adjustable Pallet racking
  • Narrow Aisle Pallet racking
  • Double Deep Pallet racking
  • Push Back Racking and many more

It depends on the utility of the warehouse, and you can modify the design of the racking. The selection of the type of racking is also dependent on the space available in the warehouse. The size of the racking is directly proportional to the size of the warehouse. 


The second most important thing after type of the supplier or brand of the pallet racking. There can be many fabricators or suppliers, who can make the racking but they will not be suitable as they are not solution providers because the supplier of the pallet racking, must be knowing that what solution will fit well for their customer. For instance, Dexion pallet racking is one of the popular ones, because of its quality and customized solution. You can even find pallet racking for sale, online but still ordering pallet racking online, you must be sure what you exactly want. It is always better even going for pallet racking for sale online, you should be looking for a reliable supplier and brands like Dexion


When you are planning the pallet racking for your warehouse, you must be knowing that which product category will be placed on the racking. Not in the current scenario but future also because once the racking is installed it’s not easy and cheap to change them. You can further extend the warehouse size and racking structure but can’t change it. Always have a current and future storage plan product-wise when you are planning to buy pallet racking.