Learn Some Interesting Facts About The Buffalo Grass

When hearing the name buffalo grass, the first thing that comes in mind is that why it is called the buffalo grass. The reason is that since this grass is native to North America and this grass was the preferred choice of the American bison for every day eating and therefore, this name came from these. Apart from the unique names, there are also very other interesting facts about this grass which not only make it popular but also make it very much different from the other kind of the buffalo grass in Sydney.

No need for replanting:

The other kind of the grasses usually die when the season changes, especially when the fall comes. These turn to brown and does not come back when the season again changes to summer and you have to replant every time but this is not the case in the buffalo grass. When the fall comes, this grass merely changes its colour to brown and keeps itself dormant for the time of the winter. It is as if the grass hibernates and sleeps for the entire winter and when the summer comes back and the soil becomes warm again then this again wakes up and tuns to green. This property of the buffalo grass requires no replanting. Although, with every year, this grass also requires some little care so that it looks healthy and fresh every summer.

Male and female buffalo grass:

Just like many plants the buffalo grass is also male and female and the difference between these two is that female seeds produce the grass which is curly from the edges whereas the male produce spiky grass edges and you could have both of these in your lawn or garden or any one of this.

Origin of the buffalo grass:

The country side areas of the Montana to Mexico is the origin of this grass. This the kind of the grass which grows best in the heavy clay and does not require much water and rain and not even fertilizers therefore, areas which have these conditions are good for such kind of the grass and the growth is better in these areas.


Types of the Buffalo grass:

There are even types in the buffalo grass and for each type the grass leaves are slightly different from the other. One thing must be noted that not all kind of the buffalo grass is found in plugs or sods. Some of the major types include the turfallo, legacy, prestige, prairie and many more. These kinds of the grasses are in vegetative form therefore, these could grow well even in the areas where these are not native.