Different Applications Of Tiles

The tiles are one of the key materials used in construction. Due to its versatility tiles have various applications. They are not only bound for flooring or wall but they can be used for utility, protection, and decoration. Here we will talk about the different application of tiles


The utmost application of tiles is in the kitchen but it’s not only for the kitchen floor. The tiles are used for the kitchen counter also. Materials like ceramic or if you can afford marble are popular for kitchen counters. These materials can absorb moisture and durable, especially in the case of ceramic tiles, as they are easy to clean. In the kitchen counter, you have to perform different activities like cutting, cooking, etc., so the counter should be strong enough to withstand all the treatment. People also use wooden counter but wood needs frequent polishing and have limitations, so the preference must be given to tiles for kitchen counter

Water Protection:

You have seen that people must use tiles in the bathroom. They are bot on the floor but also the walls. As tiles will not allow water to get absorbed in walls. That will help to keep walls dry otherwise due to the seepage of water in walls, they can get weaker and will need proper repair. So the bathroom will be full of tiles from the ground to the top. Especially you will find the wall tiles at the height of your shower because that the maximum area expose to water. Also, these tiles work as décor for your washroom and provide a pleasant look of it. The other use in the kitchen, you can see tiles behind the sink’s faucet. That helps to block water splash on the wall and almost every kitchen has those tiles around their sink

Wall Décor:

The tiles Geelong are used from ages on walls but not they protect the walls, also improve their aesthetic. Even in the old times, the wall tiles used to have different designs embedded on them or contain different textures. These were to make walls beautiful and appealing. Yes, the wall tiles need regular maintenance but that’s worth it. Even now we appreciate the traditional architecture of old buildings and many of them contain tiles on their walls. Tense tiles give freedom for design to craft any design on them which makes them pleasing and eye-catcher.


The outdoor tiles are as important as indoor tiles. The outdoor tiles provide stability to the floor, reduce water absorption which keeps the floor steady. They also improve the aesthetics of your outdoor. But for outdoor, the heavy-duty tiles must be sued as they have to bear heavy traffic and to face harsh weather also like rain or direct sunlight.